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Ka Cho Fu Getsu Onsen, a unique Japanese-style hot spring experience.


Ka -

Cho -

Fu -

Getsu -





The name Ka Cho Fu Getsu illustrates the beauty of nature that surrounds you at KC Farm.  Flora, both wild and cultivated, attracts many species of wildlife and delights your eyes.  Birds of all kinds return year after year to make their nests and raise their young.  The air is so clean and fresh it enables lichen to grow uninhibited.  Calm, clear nights allow for viewing of the milkyway and shooting stars.


Utilizing the clear clean natural spring water in abundance on the property, we provide an extraordinary way to soak away your tension, stress, aches and pains.  Total immersion in mineral rich hot spring water naturally relaxes, heals and rejuvenates body, mind and soul. 


There is a changing area and spacious walk-in shower for guests to use before entering the bath. Two adults can comfortably enjoy the large soaking tub as gently circulating, chemical free, hot water enables deep relaxation of the entire body.


Enjoy direct access from the Onsen to a private outdoor meditation deck overlooking a Japanese rock garden.


Rates based on 1 hour appointments: 


Bed and Breakfast Guests: $15 per person

Outside Guests: $20 per person


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